Spending New Year’s Eve 2017  in the desert under the stars is a uniquely magical experience. Away from life’s daily pressure to a more peaceful and warm atmosphere. Caravane Du  Grand Erg invites you to share this blissful moment with their travel company.

For many years, Caravan Grand Erg has been organising outstanding tours in the desert, with great success. Every year the company takes great pleasure in fulfilling the simple and uniting wish of families and friends from all over the world – to have a beautiful and unique travel experience in the desert.

Caravane Du  Grand Erg can arrange for you to celebrate an unforgettable NewYear’s Eve in the middle of the desert, and make it everything you ever wished.

Our spirit, philosophy and ancestry enable our customers to experience an authentic moment with real nomads on the dunes.
You will be made to feel completely at home in traditional bivouacs under the stars in the desert of Zagora, or M’hamid Chegaga, or Merzouga. With entertainment, a night in genuine Berber tents and campfire. Around the campfire and under the heavens, our customers will enjoy the folklore tales and Berber songs.