how to reach zagora
how to reach zagora

How to reach Zagora by car

To reach us from Marrakech, follow the direction of Ouarzazate, then Zagora. Our agency is in Hassan 2 street, close to the hospital, and is easily accessed by car.

By bus

Public Transportation

From Marrakech, we suggest comfortable buses like Supratours and CTM. CTM leaves from Casablanca through Marrakech to arrive to Zagora, the morning bus arrives around 8:00, and the evening bus arrives around 19:00. The Supertours bus leaves at 16:00 close to the railway station since it’s provided by the same company ONCEF, and it arrives to Zagora around 23:00.
Ticket price is about 150 dirhams per person.

NB: there are plenty of other buses from the bus station that connect Marrakech to Zagora, and they all start to leave Marrakech by the evening, and arrive to Zagora in the morning.


 Marrakech Zagora Zagora   Marrakech
    16:00 départ  23:00 arrivée 19 :00Départ

07 :30 Départ

03 :00 Arrivée

14 :30 Arrivée

Zagora Marrakech  Marrakech Zagora  
06:00 départ 13:00 Arrivée 23 :45 départ

11 :45 départ

08 :00 arrivée

20 :00 arrivée


Royal Air Morocco arrives in Zagora

How to reach zagora: Royal Air Morocco arrives in Zagora

The national company Royal Air Morocco (RAM) announced the launch, Wednesday, of the Casablanca – Agadir – Ouarzazate – Zagora line, after Zagora airport reopening.

The RAM connects now Casablanca, Zagora, in the South of the country, via Agadir and Ouarzazate, three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays. The new line is made by ATR 72 with a capacity of 66 seats.

The Moroccan national company was committed to serve this city, as soon as the airport would be completed. In the meantime, she had opened, mid-November 2010, a Casablanca – Agadir – Ouarzazate line delivered three times a week on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

These two new routes will allow the opening up of the region of Souss Massa Drâa, South of the High Atlas. They are following an agreement signed in June, 2010, between the national airline, the Regional Council of Souss Massa Drâa, Ouarzazate and Zagora, provincial councils to strengthen the dynamics of development economic, social and tourism in this region.

In this same perspective, the RAM plans to promote the tourism offer in the region through the manufacture of tourist packages, in cooperation with travel agencies and tourism professionals.