Places to visit Marrakech

visit Marrakech

What places to visit Marrakech?

visit Marrakech:

In truth, the economy of Marrakech relies on tourism and excels in it, hence marrakchis are obliged to take care of their important social patrimony which contains numerous landmarks, such as tombs of ancient sultans, traditional souks, and other social forms which mirror the essence of the red city’s culture and social consciousness. Formed in the 12th century, Marrakech was in certain times the center of tradings and political decisions, which explains its richness beside other specificities. But Marrakech didn’t lose its strategic importance in Morocco nevertheless; in fact, it was classed recently as one of the top 10 destinations in the world. There’s so much to explore, but the old medina behind the walls is the beating heart of Marrakech. Its breath-taking architecture and monuments gave it a place in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. It’s in this area that lies the true artistic part of Morocco, a part that seduces the eye of the viewers and make them feel each meter with their hearts. In fact, such buildings, tombs, and walls – the Saadian Tombs, Kasbah Mosque and some museums for example – let the mind wonder with deep passion about the similarities between them and other cultures, like those of ancient Greece, Romans, and Italian Renaissance for example. See, since the foundation of Marrakech in 1061 by Almoravid Dynasty, the city was always in fluxes, for which reason its patrimony continued to grow bigger till the phase of European imperialism. It is after this phase that Morocco was subjected to many structural political changes that influenced the construction of new cultural forms, that are in fact a beautiful mixture of European conceptions and Arabic ones, that tend to be reflected in the architecture of many riads and hotels around the red city.

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